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The two founders of ShapeShifter+, Matthew Garrison and Fortuna Sung, are also the creators of the now world reknowned ShapeShifter Lab.  In our 3 years of operations as directors of ShapeShifter Lab, within which time we've presented over 3000 performances, we've come to understand the needs and desires of both our community of artists and patrons, which has lead us to conceive of new ways to present and promote all aspects of art through the newly formed ShapeShifter+. This new 501c3 non profit organization is our vehicle for advancing and implementing many of the ideas we've had the opportunity to test and experiment with over the last 3 years. We have joined forces with Ravi Coltrane (our third director) who has been a key element in pushing our work forward through generous contributions of time, ideas and different forms of support. We feel our collective experience will be a catalyst for positive and uplifting change to the current NY and US arts scene.

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