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We’ve accomplished so many incredible things in the past few years and look forward to creating and helping create even more amazing, groundbreaking, historical, and community-enriching events with your generous support, passion, and encouragement!


Workshop & Jam Sessions

These events are free to all and have been fundamental in creating a sense of community, creative expression, and togetherness.

We open our doors to people of all walks of life and the results have been truly astonishing! New friendships, projects, and ideas are also a wonderful outcome of these creative gatherings.

Yes, please donate and come join us!

Intern & Job Training

Join us in shaping the future of music by supporting our internship and training programs.

Your donation directly fuels the growth of aspiring musicians, providing essential skills and mentorship.

Help us sustain and expand these transformative opportunities. Be a key player in fostering a vibrant musical community. Your generosity makes the difference. Thank you for being the tune that keeps our mission playing.

Fat Cats

Open Rehearsals

We work with artists, teachers, organizations, and students, and we provide heavily discounted or free rehearsal space/time during our ShapeShifter Café business hours.

This allows invaluable rehearsal time while bringing unexpected audiences to experience music they would have never heard.

The process has been an exceptionally unique experience that both artists and ShapeShifter Café customers agree, can be found nowhere else in NY!

Movement Arts

*Directed and Lead by Maia Claire Garrison.

ShapeShifter Plus is launching a new program that covers a wide range of disciplines on our 2nd-floor studio for people of all ages and experience levels.

We will be offering dance, tai chi, yoga, and everything in between beginning January 2024.

Open Call Program

We work with artists to help bring their latest work to life as they approach us to present their projects at our flagship location, ShapeShifter Lab.

Upgrading & Maintaining our Technical (Hardware & Software) Requirements

We often present projects and experiment with hardware (microphones, cables, hard drives, computers, projectors, etc) and software (recording, lighting, video software) both at ShapeShifter Lab and offsite. Over time the tools we use become obsolete or unstable. We do our best to keep everything up to date and functioning, but sometimes we just have to upgrade.

Your support in this area would be of tremendous assistance in maintaining a fine tuned working environment, for artists, presenters, concert goers, our staff and students alike.

Featured Artist Program

Support Artistic Innovation with a $200 Donation to our Featured Artist Program. By contributing, you play a pivotal role in the journey of these artists as they present their extended work, through residencies at our esteemed venue, ShapeShifter Lab. Your donation not only fuels artistic creation but also contributes to a thriving cultural landscape.

Donate an amount of your choosing to our overall Programming

Your generous contribution, regardless of the amount, holds immense value in supporting our mission. Every donation plays a crucial role in sustaining and enhancing each of our programs. Rest assured, your financial support will be thoughtfully and equitably distributed among our initiatives, ensuring a meaningful impact across the board. Thank you for being a vital part of our cause.

Start donating now

Donate any amount you would like towards our overall Programming efforts including our Open Call and Featured Artist Programs!