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"The mission of ShapeShifter+ (Plus) is to support, inspire and foster the development of improvised/composed forms of music, dance, theatre and visual arts by way of presenting the most cutting edge and forward thinking artists of our time."


The two founders of ShapeShifter+, Matthew Garrison and Fortuna Sung, are also the creators of the now world reknowned ShapeShifter Lab.  In our 3 years of operations as directors of ShapeShifter Lab, within which time we've presented over 3000 performances, we've come to understand the needs and desires of both our community of artists and patrons, which has lead us to conceive of new ways to present and promote all aspects of art through the newly formed ShapeShifter+. This new 501c3 non profit organization is our vehicle for advancing and implementing many of the ideas we've had the opportunity to test and experiment with over the last 3 years. We have joined forces with Ravi Coltrane (our third director) who has been a key element in pushing our work forward through generous contributions of time, ideas and different forms of support. We feel our collective experience will be a catalyst for positive and uplifting change to the current NY and US arts scene.


> Why ShapeShifter +: The use of the word ShapeShifter represents change, transformation, the unexpected. The + (Plus) indicates that this new organization is an extension of the work accomplished at ShapeShifter Lab.

> What we do: Our objective is to link the surrounding community of artists with local NY neighborhoods by presenting a wide variety of performances, workshops, seminars and lessonsn that focus on the art of improvisation.

> How we do it: We present a wide gamut of multidisciplinary projects that engage audiences of varying ethnicities, age groups and genders. The ultimate goal is to find ways to blur the lines between these demographics through artistic expression, education and community engagement.

> Why we do what we do: Artistic expression is at the core of every human endeavor. Creativity is within all human beings and it is our personal mission to celebrate, enlighten and enable all who wish to avail themselves of this core principal in order to enrich their lives. 

> Who can help: You and your peers. We rely heavily on public and private support by way of donations and grants.

> How are those contributions used: Your donations and contributions will be used to fund each and every SS+ project. Funding allocation: Artist Fees, Project Expenses, Marketing and Administrative Costs. All financial details will be publicly available through this website (after our first year of operations) and GuideStar.

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