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The Makrokosmos Orchestra presents an evening of dynamic, genre-defying large-ensemble compositions by Tim O’Dell and Richard Nelson featuring some of New York’s finest players works on this adventurous program include the premiere of O’Dell’s Gratitude (for Wayne Shorter) and a preview of Dissolve and Cohere from Nelson’s upcoming album on Adhyâropa Records.
“O’Dell designs hypnotic concepts that capture the imagination” – All About Jazz
“. . . a perfect album (from O’Dell) . . . great blend of composition and improvisation and it swings! . . . a uniqueness of vision.” – Beyond Coltrane
“(Nelson’s) writing is complex but emotionally engaging, dense yet clean and resonant. . . .The colors of the orchestra are spellbinding, evocative and powerful.” – New York City Jazz Record
“This (O’Dell) is the sound of expanding American art.” – All About Jazz
“(Nelson is) an ambitious and daring composer” who has “come up with a distinctive synthesis of modern jazz, and contemporary orchestral music” – All About Jazz